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Buying a home can be stressful. That’s why we put so much emphasis on taking the fear and stress away, so that you can enjoy your buying experience. Our experienced and highly trained agents know the process and will ensure it gets done the right way. From choosing the right neighbourhood, to finding the home that is just right, to making a sound offer that you feel good about, to closing the deal, and everything in between, we know how to streamline the process and help! We can even recommend lawyers, home inspectors, mortgage brokers and more! It’s our job to be informed.

Finding the Pefect Neighbourhood

A very important aspect of finding a home is choosing the right neighbourhood. You’ll want to make sure you not only love your home but also your neighbourhood, local community and amenities.
First ask yourself if the community is the right fit for your lifestyle. Is it family friendly, a good place to retire, or a great place to invest? Whatever you’re looking for, make sure it’s there. Spend some time by walking or driving through the streets in the area. Visit local businesses and take a read through the paper. This will help you get a feel for the community and if it’s the right place for you.
How do you know if a neighbourhood is the right fit?
Ask yourself these questions.

What does the area look like?
Keep an eye out for the care put into the lawns and properties of your potential neighbours. Well-kept lawns is a sign of pride of ownership. Homes in need of upkeep can also be a sign of a gentrified neighbourhood and purchasing a home in the area could be a great investment opportunity.

What is the demographic of the neighbourhood?
This is important to know as a neighbourhood with young and growing families will feel much different than a neighbourhood of retirees.

Are amenities accessible to you?
Think of the things that you have to do every day or multiple days per week. Are there amenities that you know you need to be close to such as grocery stores, dry cleaners or recreational facilities? If the amenities you need aren’t close, make sure you don’t mind driving around.

Is the neighbourhood safe?
The best way to get information about safety in neighbourhoods is through the local police. Don’t hesitate to ask about crime and crime prevention in the area.

Are there schools in the neighbourhood?
If you have children, this may be an important consideration for you. It is also important to note if the children will have to bus, walk or be driven.

Will your commute be reasonable?
Do a trial drive of your commute to see if it will be manageable for you. Don’t forget to also check other commuting options such as buses and trains.

What is the value of surrounding properties?
Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make so it will be smart to buy in an area where values will likely increase. Your realtor can give you this information and help you to get an idea of how the values have increased over time.

What is happening in the neighbourhood?
Look into what changes might be happening in the neighbourhood. You can check in with the city for plans on new housing, facilities, or retailers.

What is the noise like?
The location of your home can mean a different noise level. Highways, shopping strip malls, airports, barking dogs, etc. can all contribute to neighbourhood noise. Take a drive through the neighbourhood at different times to see if you are comfortable with the neighbourhood noises.

Finding the right neighbourhood is just as important as finding the right home. The best package is to find a home in the perfect neighbourhood. Neighbours, location and accessibility all contribute to the overall feel of a neighbourhood. By talking to a realtor who specializes in the area, you will be able to get the information you need to make an informed decision.